We made PGP "the Soho House of co-living" - the coolest game-changing property guardian company.

Case study

The Challenge

Despite the growing housing crisis, hundreds of buildings lie empty across the city. Property guardian companies can take these buildings on to help building owners save money, by cutting down business rates and offering 24 hour security in the form of guardians – regular people looking for affordable housing in prime urban locations.

Scott Franklin, founder of Property Guardian Protection (PGP), was revolutionising the sector by going the extra mile and providing safe, compliant, secure and comfortable places to live, helping creative communities to thrive.

There were misconceptions about property guardianship that needed to change, but how to get the media interested?


journalists and influencers on the tour

The Result

We kickstarted a new conversation about property guardians with creative flair, we knew we needed to get journalists and influencers into those spaces to show them exactly how PGP was changing the game.

A tour hosted by PGP’s friendly and personable founder was a must. We curated the ultimate open house experience for key business, property and lifestyle journalists and Instagram’s most influential London commentators.

An exploration of three of PGP’s most sought after locations, from vibrant East London to buzzing Clerkenwell culminated in a creative showcase. Music by the Mystery Jets, stunning photography, installations and even taxidermy by some of the live-in guardians topped off the unforgettable immersive experience.

Our PR campaign generated 23 pieces of stand out coverage, including a full page in The Times, Independent, City AM, Business Insider, London Live and Time Out helping drive organic traffic to PGP’s website and increasing the number online applications. The media even describe PGP as “the Soho House of co-living” – something we had been passionate and proactive about positioning them as.

  • “After meeting two or three other companies I met with Munch and I was very impressed. They just understood what we wanted and, very importantly, they listened.

  • "They took on board what I wanted and they delivered with some amazing results and we had good fun when we did it. They are amazing people to work with and we had a great time!”

  • Scott Franklin - PGP

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